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Get ready for a mixed bag of struggle and success this year. 2014 may be full of tensions and drastic upheavals up to 19th June in 3rd, Jupiter may transit to 4th which may improve your health and grant familial prosperity. But it all depends on what you make of it. On the personal front, Saturn in 7th may make marital relations quite strained. Up to the 1st half of the year, Rahu in 7th and Ketu in your sign may give you only mixed results. During this phase, your all plans will be duly...
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This year 2014 may not prove to be good year for Taurus natives. They may face repeated challenges from rivals and enemies. Two cruel planets position in the 6th house may keep their enemies and opponents quite active. Physical troubles and disturbance in the work-field may vex them much. Saturn will remain in 6th till November. While Jupiter will remain in the 2nd house till 19th June, causing troubles. You may face much hurdles in completing your long coveted project but Mars going retrograde...
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Hello Geminis! This year 2014 shall be a year of successes for you. Good health due to presence of Jupiter in your sign will be further protected. Jupiter will also help you in career as well. All your held up projects will be revived. You must utilize this favourable phase to the hilt. You shall complete whatever job you undertake this year. You shall keep on adding to your laurels. The Jupiter-Moon combination in the beginning of the year will give you good money though you'll feel rathe...
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Owing to Saturn transiting 12th from your sign, the Sade Saati effect may prove quite trying. Between 2nd March and 3rd August it would be retrograde and shall come back to your own sign. This whole year may not prove good for you. Instability in business and hurdles from the government may not let you get a sigh of relief. Despite your valiant effort things won't become better for you. Mars, your sign lord, will remain retrograde between 1st March and 2nd June causing monetary losses ...
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   You may like to sign a new agreement or contract but you may face many hurdles. Your getting trapped in a legal case again is not ruled out. But even when things are not looking up for you, take heart. Between 17th August and 17th September your sign lord sun would be transiting your sign. This period will be very important. The solar transit between 14th April and 15th May open up all vistas of gain and progress for you promotion, transfer to preferred position are l...
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  This year, 2014 may add many feathers to Virgo natives. First, this is the year to take it easy. Don't take any hasty decision during this phase. It is about time your many held up projects may get duly completed. Despite hurdles and obstruction in your business/ profession, willy-nilly you'll manage to serve your purpose. On the personal front, from 3rd July, Rahu will transit to your own sign which may cause misunderstandings between you and your Partner. You may suff...
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Your progeny shall be quite considerate to voluntarily indulge in cost-cutting in a vigorous way. Relationships will ask for their share of attention as well. You may have to suffer final separation from some of your close friend or relation. As far as wealth and immovable property is concerned, by the year end you may get a favorable court verdict for getting an inherited property. After 13th July, Rahu may be in 12th to enhance your expenses. After 2nd November, Saturn may ...
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your sign lord, will remain retrograde between 1st March and 2nd June causing monetary losses and hurdles in your working projects, though you'll continue with your efforts. Business You must deem your work as a return-less worship and keep doing it for the time being. Despite adverse response you should not escape from it. Frequent quarrel with the spouse and kids are likely although your considerate spouse may help you get out of this mess. Not only your spouse but even other family members...
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  The students may also feel side-tracked a bit. You must seek elders blessing for speedy progress. Nevertheless, your talents and abilities will be widely recognized. All the year round auspicious events may take place. Rahu and Saturn's position in llth will subdue your enemies. However, your health may stay good but some family member's deteriorating health could be a nagging concern. In service, you'll receive some important post or position. But durin...
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Capricorn Yearly Hororscope
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  All you water bearers! It’s time to reap the rewards of your hard work over the years. For the Aquarius natives this year promises to be a year of achievements as the lord of your sign Saturn would be transiting its exaltation sign. While you'll continue to scale new heights in your profession, your health will also remain good. Your hard work will be duly rewarded. Those in service, however, will have to work real hard. Only then, you'll b...
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  You must be guarded against conspiracies to trap you. However, career and service will remain unaffected almost throughout the year. Owing to Jupiter's benign aspect your senior officials will be quite considerate to you. But you'll have a exert much in your profession. Eventually, your hard work will pay. Things will be back to being good again. Just take your time and don’t rush your decisions. Journeys may also give you monetary gain...
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Year 2013
Fame will come to you in the first half of this year. With fun and delight, you’ll be able to lead your life. Try to fight with tension and anxiety. You will earn much money during the end of the year.

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