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Navtarang Stories
Eclipse In Queensland

It is said that man is a social animal. But the recent debacle that my beloved Labour Party suffered in Queensland also demonstrates that we are all political animals. And, of course, as animals we are unpredictable as Anna Bligh found to her great dismay. What the voters do not realise that there is no magic cure for our problems. The animals simply routed another Lady Premier Christina Keneally in New South Wales only to find we are left with George Orwell 1984 type of Animal Farm in this state.

Alas, it is the pressure of population, the good life, and more and more demands that is the cause of all our problems. Transport problems in NSW are insoluble unless (as the Chinese demonstrated) we either walk to work or ride bicycles. And soon Premier Barry O’Farrell will find that he can only talk and talk but not walk the walk, as the wags put it. 78 or 79 of the 89 seats to the LNP in Brisbane. Yes, what is not realised is that many candidates are simply there to fill a void. They have very little experience, and the party rules, and they win seats.

But then the fun begins. Malcolm Fraser in 1975 defeated Whitlam with a large majority and he found his Caucus filled with a lunatic fringe that gave him headaches. Remember what Malcolm Turnbull said that every member of Parliament, yes every, good bad or indifferent, has a No 1 baton in his bag. Yes, the party rules. Remember how K R Latchan an uneducated, inexperienced  "lad" routed Ratu Mara's doyen and Indian basing Minister Sir Vijay R Singh for pre-selection and won a safe Fijian cross – voting seat in 1972. His gems were: a funeral was passing by.

He remarked to an European who asked: "someone has died. His mud is going." Or, the other gem; "I will tarseal all the gravel roads." And he then would read a prepared speech in Parliament and said to me one day, "Yes, it simple here. Just a bit of heigh-ho" So it is a bit of yawn, yes, that is what Parliament can be with many backbenchers being "dead wood" So we will watch how Neuman the new Premer and his circus of 78 or 79 perform in Queensland. Yes, Mrs Bligh cast aspersions on Neuman and could not provide proof. No fire, no smoke. Neuman was cleared.

She should have eaten humble pie. But she should remember play the Ball not the Man. Lesson I . Yes, Mrs Bligh sold assets while the LNP deceitfully failed to join in the sale. LNP would have sold the self - same assets. She should have asked them first, and roped them in. Lesson 2 . Forget about Queensland, it is dripping with riches even if most of it does not trickle down to the poor, the Aborigines, and the under-privileged.

Their lot won't change and Anna Bligh's made the dire prediction which must be respected is that we could have a repeat of the Sir Joh Bjelke – Peterson era when Sir Joh who wiped out the Liberals and led a National Party only Parliament used his brute numbers for whatever he wanted. Nueman looks as if butter will not melt in his mouth but then who knows? What then is the lesson of Federal Labour?. Abbott is chortling.

Abbott the failed seminarian, the man who had to have Celibacy "coach" as he grappled to become a Roman Catholic priest, a Jesuit to boot. We are all fearful that Abbott may be crowing come 2013 Federal elections as our Prime Minsiter. A lady declares, "If that happens I will leave Australia." Abbot is ruthless, and sometimes remarkably candid. Only believe what I write, not what I say. And his mentor and Guru told us of core promises and non -core promises, and chided and derided us for believing his word. And here we are teaching our children: Raghukul reet sada chali aaayi/ Pran jaye par bachan nahi jayee..

The Holy Ramayan tells us it is better to die than break one's word. And Liberal Parliamentarians used to joke about whether a promise was core, or non -core. A disturbing thought is always at the back of my mind: Both Hitler and Stalin were failed seminarians, and failed to take Holy Orders. Abbott lashes out “Climate Change is Crap.” He should tell them to Kiribati, and Tuvalu. Even Manhattan Island is building barriers. Are we to reject the findings of a world wide body of venerable scientists? How does Malcolm Turnbull a climate change believer sit with Abbott’s mob.

Power, Power, Power that is the aim, the catch cry and Power at Any Price. So Julia Gillard has to descend on the fold like Durga Mata riding astride a tiger, and flashing her parliamentary sword at all and sundry. But Anna Bligh has done good, and Neuman will reap the benefits. It reminded me of how I fared in 1977. My NFP party rejected me when I protested that Ratu Julian Toganivalu and not Jai Ram Reddy should be Opposition Leader. The Fijians were a monolithic body always fearful and distrustful of us Indians and I felt honouring Ratu Julian as L/O would heal the breach.

But Jai Ram insisted he must be leader. Our Parliamentary caucus of 12 headed by Mrs Jai Narayan endorsed him. I felt left out in the cold, and felt very much like what Anna Bligh must be feeling now . So I waited on the sidelines, na ghar ke, nag hat ke. In the cold. And I was left with a bill of $50,000.00 dollars which I spent on the elections in 1977. When I asked Jai Ram, H M Lodhia and Mrs Jai Narayan to help pay these bills H M told me bluntly: come back and work for us and we will consider. Both H M and Mrs Jai has promised at least $1000.00 each and both reneged.

Yes we are political animals. So one day I am waiting at the Nadi Airport having to scour Fiji for briefs to make ends meet, Mrs Akinisi Dreunimisimisi brushes past me. She is a large, large, corpulent and powerful lady and her heavy attire, Mother Hubbard dress, and sulu rustles past me. She is very very aggressive, and she mocks me, "How is your Federation, Karam.?" As she prepares to go past me, I call her back, and asked her to sit beside me.

So I said to her, "Your father-in- law Ratu Sir Edward was a friend of mine. Now tell me where your husband works now." She replied, "He has a head job at Ra Mill." I said to her, "Have you ever wondered why he has that job?" She said, "He has earned it." "Really," I replied, "it is because we drove out the British that our local people are filling these jobs. Patel, Koya, Madhavan Shah and myself fought for our independence."

The NFP is the only party which agitated for independence but did not come into power afterwards. That ‘s why Ratu Dreu your husband got the job. Otherwise he would have been making yagona for some white guy. She was silent and looked humbled. But then I said, "Cheer up. We Hindus, we are told plant the tree but do not worry about the fruit or who will eat it." She smiled, thanked me and left. Yes, Anna Bligh did good and should not worry if she does not get to eat the fruit.

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